Oct 6th 2007


Quota Email Warnings

Quota on Linux does work very well, However if your users are using the storage from remote systems then they may not get to see the warnings when they hit their soft limit.

Here is a little script I knocked up many years ago that emails both the relevant User and Admin when a soft quota is breached and warns them when the grace period expires. It also sends an additional thank you message when the usage drops below the soft limit. Download it Here

All that needs to be done is to configure the parameters at the top and bottom of the script, make sure quota is working and has both hard and soft limits set (don't forget to also set the grace period as otherwise the hard limits won't work) and that the system have a functional email configuration. Then just set up cron to kick it off regularly (I run it hourly) This was written in my earlier days of Linux administration so the script could do with a bit of tidying, it is a pretty simple little thing but it works very well.


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