Jan 22nd 2007


Changes in MYSQL5

Recently I have had a few clients sites (mostly older Mambo sites) that have had problems when the hosting provider has upgraded from MySQL 4 to 5.

Basically MySQL has been changed to more accurately reflect the standard SQL command set.

Mostly when you write something like FROM foo , bar LEFT JOIN foobar ON (exp) it now gets parsed as FROM foo , (bar LEFT JOIN foobar ON (exp)) where as it used to be interpreted as FROM (foo , bar) LEFT JOIN foobar ON (exp)

Therefore exp can only refer to columns of bar or foobar..the quick fix is to stick parentheses around (foo , bar) well at least that is how I fixed it.

A more complete description of the changes can be found here

This can cause havoc with older releases of Mambo and some of the modules that haven't been changed to reflect the changes. To make matters worse the MySQL docs didn't really reflect this change for a while. 


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