• Linux Pain

    • UPS for Octopi or Octoprint

      So it only took one mid print power cut to realise I need a UPS for my 3D printer.

      it's even worse for a machine like mine with a E3D all metal head as it requires active cooling to ...

    • Hardware Watchdog on Rpi

      Before I move the Raspberry Pi to dedicated hosting in the Netherlands. One clever thing to do would be to enable the hardware watchdog present in the Broadcom SoC it uses.

      This is a rules based system where a hardware ...

    • Lenovo Thinkpad Colour Profiles

      Installing a Color Profile for a Lenovo Thinkpad W510 in Ubuntu Linux

      Download the monitor drivers exe file from Lenovo's Support Site

      Ok won't unpack as an exe archive or cabextract...bah ok install wine and unpack it ...

    • Acer Aspire One A110 Tips

      I promised some tips and tricks to get the best out of the Acer Aspire One in my brief review.

      I will keep this article updated as I discover more.

      Getting to a terminal is easy, shift-F2 will provide you ...

    • Asterisk user guide

      One of the things that seems to be sorely absent from the otherwise excellent Asterisk project is a Quick Guide for the phone users. I presume this is because the actual use varies depending on the SIP handsets you deploy ...

    • Quota Email Warnings

      Quota on Linux does work very well, However if your users are using the storage from remote systems then they may not get to see the warnings when they hit their soft limit.

      Here is a little script I knocked ...

    • Ubuntu on Fujitsu Amilo Pro

      My Fujitsu S7020 is a fine example of Linux friendly hardware, but recently I had the “opportunity” to install Ubuntu 7.04 on a Fujitsu Amilo Pro V2035.

      Things didn't go so smoothly with this machine..Read below for ...

    • Changes in MYSQL5

      Recently I have had a few clients sites (mostly older Mambo sites) that have had problems when the hosting provider has upgraded from MySQL 4 to 5.

      Basically MySQL has been changed to more accurately reflect the standard SQL command ...

    • DMA on Optical Drives

      I was having a slight problem getting DMA enabled on my Drives

      If I issued a sudo hdparm -d 1 /dev/hdc I received an error “Operation not Permitted”

      Several Google kits suggested that I compile my IDE drivers into ...

    • Slow DNS lookups

      I noticed that Mozilla was a little slow when looking up an address.
      This seems to be related to ipv6

      edit /etc/modprobe.d/aliases

      Then modify the net-pf-10 line to look like this

      alias net-pf-10 off ipv6

      You’ll ...

    • fdupes

      fdupes is a great little Linux utility that can do a checksum comparision of files recursively across folders and print a list or matches (or alternatively delete matches)

      I discovered it whilst cleaning out my mp3 collection the other night ...

    • Using find

      Find is part of the staple diet of any seasoned Unix admin, but to many times I see people struggling with some file maintenance operation across recursive directories when a simple one liner using find would have the job done ...

    • ADSL Routers and Kernel >=2.6.17

      The 2.6.17 kernel has had an update to the TCP stack and Window scaling, the fix brings the kernel in line with the TCP/IP specification but unfortunately some home/office broadband routers are still broken in this ...

    • Command History in ksh

      Not really a Linux thing but the other day I discovered how to get command history arrow keys working on Tru64
      set -o emacs