Apr 2nd 2016


Simple USB2 Host Switch

Initially created for the BigBox 3D printer to allow use of both the Internal Raspberry Pi running Octoprint and the rear mounted USB port for diagnostic access. The Rumba has only one USB port and can only be attached to one of these at a time.

However this circuit will work in any other scenario where you want to be able to switch between USB Hosts.

Plug a Host PC or other host device into port X1 and the device you want to control into Port X3, everything should work as normal.

Plug an additional powered Host PC or other host device into Port X2 and and the host plugged into Port X1 should be disconnected in preference to this device which should now be connected to the device plugged into port X3.

Please note, in many cases, particularly with devices that are bus powered like memory sticks, the device will not function if there is no powered host PC plugged into port X1


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