• Hardware

    • Simple USB2 Host Switch

      Initially created for the BigBox 3D printer to allow use of both the Internal Raspberry Pi running Octoprint and the rear mounted USB port for diagnostic access. The Rumba has only one USB port and can only be attached to ...
    • MTBF Explained

      I'd like to talk about MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and a really common misinterpretation I have seen even very experienced engineers and technicians make.

      Using an example of a Western Digital Hard drive spec sheet, I can see ...

    • Soldering Tips


      Make sure you have an appropriate soldering stand and a clear working area. Do not leave the Iron unattended whilst hot. Apart from the burn hazard, the tip temperature is high enough to light some combustibles. Some of the ...

    • Silence is Golden

      My new quad core machine is lovely but it had a bit of a resonant rattle when the CPU fan hit certain speeds.

      Mostly it would hit this mid campaign in Enemy Territory No amount of twisting and tightening things ...

    • Service your HP Photosmart/OfficeJet/Deskjet Printer

      This engine has a few weaknesses, but many benefits over a new cheap printer.

      Real construction,not some flimsy creaky thing

      Regardless of bogus specifications, a print quality that will rival all but the best modern printers.

      Much cheaper consumables ...