• Tips and Tricks

      • Windows Woes

        • Change last logged in user

          Every System Administrator has been here, you log in to a machine as yourself or a domain admin account to fix something whilst the user is away.

          You do your job and log out, but when the user gets back ...

        • Device Manager Trick

          To show or remove devices that are installed but not present on the system do the following

           set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
          start c:\windows\system32\devmgmt.msc

          Go to the view menu and select show hidden devices

          Now all devices that ...

        • Enable Auto Login

          After SP1 Windows XP you may notice that AutoLogin no longer works and the option has vanished from the User's control panel.
          To get around this you acn launch an alternative version which still enables this feature.
          From the ...

        • Log off and stay online

          To keep dial up network or VPN conections connected when you log off you need to edit the following line in the registry.
           HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE    SOFTWARE       MICROSOFT    WINDOWS NT    CurrentVersion    WinLogon
          Create a new string value as follows    KeepRasConnections = 1

        • Install the Recovery Console

          The day you need to use the recovery console I bet you can't find your installation media to boot from.
          Save yourself the hassle in the future by installing the recovery console as an entry in the "F8" boot ...

        • Lock Workstation

          For an easy shortcut to lock your workstation in Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista (or to lock the workstation in a batch file)
          Create a new shortcut as follows
           rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

        • Lock the Homepage

          In Internet Explorer, you can lock the homepage from being changed.
          Simply edit the following registry key (or create if if it doesn't already exist)
           HKEY_CURRENT_USER    Software    Policies    Microsoft    Internet Explorer    Control Panel
          Create a new DWORD value as ...

        • No to All

          Sometimes you find yourself wishing there was a "No to All" button in many Windows copy dialogue boxes.
          On any version of Windows after Windows 98, simply hold down the shift key whilst clicking "No"

        • Alternative Remote Desktop

          Netmeeting can also be used as a Remote Desktop/Terminal server.
          Launch Netmeeting and look in the "Tools" menu. Complete the setup wizzard for the Remote Desktop Sharing option.
          After you have completed the wizzard you can restart Netmeeting and ...

        • Netmeeting in Windows XP

          To Launch Netmeeting in Windows XP type "conf" into the Run box.
          For some reason there are no icons for it anywhere in the start menu, but it is still there ! 

        • Administrator Login from Wecome Page

          Need to log in as a hidden user from the Welcome Screen in Windows XP ?
          Pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL twice will launch the classic login box where you can type the name of the account you need to login as 

        • Getting System Information

          Runing "systeminfo" from a Command Prompt in Windows XP will give you a fairly comprehensive dump of usefull information about your system.
          If you have access rights to the remote registry you can also run this against remote machines using ...

      • Mac Madness

        • Lost pasword on OSX

          This can be a little tricky (depending on OSX version)

          Normally you can just boot from a OSX CD and use the Password option in the menu….but if you have no disk then read below.


          At boot prompt specify ...

      • Linux Pain

        • UPS for Octopi or Octoprint

          So it only took one mid print power cut to realise I need a UPS for my 3D printer.

          it's even worse for a machine like mine with a E3D all metal head as it requires active cooling to ...

        • Hardware Watchdog on Rpi

          Before I move the Raspberry Pi to dedicated hosting in the Netherlands. One clever thing to do would be to enable the hardware watchdog present in the Broadcom SoC it uses.

          This is a rules based system where a hardware ...

        • Lenovo Thinkpad Colour Profiles

          Installing a Color Profile for a Lenovo Thinkpad W510 in Ubuntu Linux

          Download the monitor drivers exe file from Lenovo's Support Site

          Ok won't unpack as an exe archive or cabextract...bah ok install wine and unpack it ...

        • Acer Aspire One A110 Tips

          I promised some tips and tricks to get the best out of the Acer Aspire One in my brief review.

          I will keep this article updated as I discover more.

          Getting to a terminal is easy, shift-F2 will provide you ...

        • Asterisk user guide

          One of the things that seems to be sorely absent from the otherwise excellent Asterisk project is a Quick Guide for the phone users. I presume this is because the actual use varies depending on the SIP handsets you deploy ...

        • Quota Email Warnings

          Quota on Linux does work very well, However if your users are using the storage from remote systems then they may not get to see the warnings when they hit their soft limit.

          Here is a little script I knocked ...

        • Ubuntu on Fujitsu Amilo Pro

          My Fujitsu S7020 is a fine example of Linux friendly hardware, but recently I had the “opportunity” to install Ubuntu 7.04 on a Fujitsu Amilo Pro V2035.

          Things didn't go so smoothly with this machine..Read below for ...

        • Changes in MYSQL5

          Recently I have had a few clients sites (mostly older Mambo sites) that have had problems when the hosting provider has upgraded from MySQL 4 to 5.

          Basically MySQL has been changed to more accurately reflect the standard SQL command ...

        • DMA on Optical Drives

          I was having a slight problem getting DMA enabled on my Drives

          If I issued a sudo hdparm -d 1 /dev/hdc I received an error “Operation not Permitted”

          Several Google kits suggested that I compile my IDE drivers into ...

        • Slow DNS lookups

          I noticed that Mozilla was a little slow when looking up an address.
          This seems to be related to ipv6

          edit /etc/modprobe.d/aliases

          Then modify the net-pf-10 line to look like this

          alias net-pf-10 off ipv6

          You’ll ...

        • fdupes

          fdupes is a great little Linux utility that can do a checksum comparision of files recursively across folders and print a list or matches (or alternatively delete matches)

          I discovered it whilst cleaning out my mp3 collection the other night ...

        • Using find

          Find is part of the staple diet of any seasoned Unix admin, but to many times I see people struggling with some file maintenance operation across recursive directories when a simple one liner using find would have the job done ...

        • ADSL Routers and Kernel >=2.6.17

          The 2.6.17 kernel has had an update to the TCP stack and Window scaling, the fix brings the kernel in line with the TCP/IP specification but unfortunately some home/office broadband routers are still broken in this ...

        • Command History in ksh

          Not really a Linux thing but the other day I discovered how to get command history arrow keys working on Tru64
          set -o emacs 

      • Hardware

        • Simple USB2 Host Switch

          Initially created for the BigBox 3D printer to allow use of both the Internal Raspberry Pi running Octoprint and the rear mounted USB port for diagnostic access. The Rumba has only one USB port and can only be attached to ...
        • MTBF Explained

          I'd like to talk about MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and a really common misinterpretation I have seen even very experienced engineers and technicians make.

          Using an example of a Western Digital Hard drive spec sheet, I can see ...

        • Soldering Tips


          Make sure you have an appropriate soldering stand and a clear working area. Do not leave the Iron unattended whilst hot. Apart from the burn hazard, the tip temperature is high enough to light some combustibles. Some of the ...

        • Silence is Golden

          My new quad core machine is lovely but it had a bit of a resonant rattle when the CPU fan hit certain speeds.

          Mostly it would hit this mid campaign in Enemy Territory No amount of twisting and tightening things ...

        • Service your HP Photosmart/OfficeJet/Deskjet Printer

          This engine has a few weaknesses, but many benefits over a new cheap printer.

          Real construction,not some flimsy creaky thing

          Regardless of bogus specifications, a print quality that will rival all but the best modern printers.

          Much cheaper consumables ...