Jul 5th 2008


New Speakers

Now I have sorted the noise levels in my study by fixing my desktop machine death rattle and moving the media server to a cupboard under the stairs it is time to look at my computer speakers.

After looking about I settled on a 2.1 set up, the Acoustic Energy Aego M

Obtainable for around £100 online these are very good value, I don't know of anything that can come even close for that sort of money, in fact forgetting the built in amplification you would be hard pressed to even find a set of bookshelf speakers for this sort of money that would do a better job.

The only criticism I have is that the placement for the bass unit is more critical than other 2.1 setups I have used which given its reasonable bulk may be an issue for some people.

Aside from that it sounds crisp and detailed but never harsh...the bass is tight and punchy up to quite respectable levels, everything down to the comprehensive set of leads seems well made. The thoughtful inclusion of a front mounted secondary input (to plug in say a portable media player) was welcomed. Controls are simple with a single on/off volume control on the bass/amp unit and a couple of set up controls round the back (bass level 1 or 2 is best, I can't imagine a scenario where level 3 wouldn't be too much)...The amp has support for a third centre channel which seems strange as I don't think I have ever seen a 3.1 setup.

All things considered at double this price the system would represent reasonable value..at just over £100 it is remarkable.


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