May 4th 2013


Deltech GU10 - M5WW LED Lights

When looking at energy efficient LED lighting units to replace old halogen bulbs perhaps safety isn't the first thing on your mind. Perhaps after reading my experiences with the Deltech GU10- M5 LED units you will reconsider this.

I bought 3 of these to replace 50W halogen bulbs in my kitchen. It cost me £60 to do this but having heard of disappointing results from cheap LED units I decided to buy good quality ones (or so I thought) from a British company.

Deltech UK

Initially the results were great. 150W of Halogen light had been replaced with 15W of LED light, brightness was good, beam spread and colour temperature all good. I was really happy that it was money well spent.

Fast forward a couple of years, sitting down to eat and we hear a couple of “pops” from the Kitchen..then a bang, then all the lights go out.

When I grabbed a torch to investigate I found my kitchen full of smoke. One of the Deltech UK units had failed catastrophically. It had fused the lighting circuit but not before scorching the stainless steel nacelle of the light fitting and then ejecting itself with such force that that it threw itself against the wall and ended up lying in a smouldering heap of fail on the kitchen floor, leaving the pins behind in the now destroyed GU10 fitting.

Often I had left these lights on as security overnight when we were away because their power consumption is so low. Heaven forbid they had actually started a fire. Honestly if you have these light units in the old style flush ceiling fittings that didn't have a fire rating then I strongly recommend going to remove them now, if your units fail like my one did then they could easily start a fire in your roof space or between floors.

I contacted Deltech for advice and reassurance, it took several attempts to even get them to respond (I had to make threats before they would even reply) when they did respond their reply was indifferent beyond saying it shouldn't happen. They didn't even show any interest in inspecting the failed unit which I offered to send back to them.

Deltech did nothing to reassure me as to whether this was a one off or if my other units were likely to fail in the same way so I had no choice but to replace them. If you have the same units then my advice is that you consider doing the same or at the very least make sure they are in fire rated fittings, that you have them on an adequately fused circuit and that you don't leave them running overnight or unattended.


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