Aug 2nd 2013


What has Google done ?

The Google Nav application used to be pretty good, I liked some of the features. Particularly the traffic layer view, then just before my Nexus 4 was upgraded to Android 4.3 a new update appeared that changed the user interface significantly for Nav to make it look more like Google Maps.

Then during the 4.3 update, the Nav icon vanished completely and the Navigation function as now been integrated with the Maps......Ok that in itself makes sense.

What doesn't make sense is the withdrawn features, some of them significant like a functional traffic layer view, offline maps mode (there is a cheat that claws back perhaps some of the offline functionality) or the handy route status indicator on the main route view (the traffic light next to the Journey time display).

It's also managed to forget all my previous destinations, seems more stuttery when it has a marginal GPS signal, route announcements are sometimes happening on or even past the turn I need to take. Oh and several times it has just crashed completely when trying to start a route.

The UI looks cleaner perhaps but is harder to use, it seems to take a lot of button presses to actually start the navigation mode and I can't see an obvious way of viewing alternative routes at the start or midway through a journey. Something that was very simple on the previous version.

In summary it's gone overnight from one of the better options I have used for sat-nav to one of the worst..thankfully the retired copy of n-drive is still functional on my in car tablet and there is a dusty tomtom in one of "those" drawers somewhere.


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