Dec 12th 2010


Stealth MP3 for Classic Car

So I wanted a nice quality period Radio for my Saab 99Turbo. The car is 1980 and eventually I managed to snag a tidy Blaupunkt MR21 from Ebay, problem is, radio is fine but did I really want to go back to tapes....I don't think so.

So it was time for a stealthy mp3 conversion.

There is going to be a tiny Archos mp3 player in the ashtray. But the Blaupunkt has no line input.

So here is the clever bit, I added a line input but didn't want to have to add an ugly switch to activate it. So now the tape player works as normal in the Blaupunkt..playing tapes if you want it to. But insert the "special" tape which has a concealed magnet in it and a reed switch is activated that shuts down the deck motor and activates the line in and a 5v supply for the ashtray Archos. 


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