Jan 8th 2012


Minimal Arduino Circuit

I thought as a template this might be handy for somone out there.

It's pretty much the minimum circuit you need to run up an Arduino project from a bare board, i.e. not using your Arduino board but just a ATMega chip with the Arduino bootloader.

The power and GND rails on the right of the chip can be safely omitted if you don't need the ADC. D1 can also be omitted if you are sure you aren't going to connect the supply round the wrong way. The Serial programming header can be omitted if you don't want to program the chip in situ.

The LM7805 is comfortable supplying a small Arduino project at a supply voltage of 6.2 to 12V. However if your total consumption approaches 100mA then you need to fit a heatsink, limit the incoming voltage to about 8 or 9V or update the design to use a more efficient switching regulator. I'd recommend the later because linear regulators aren't cool. If your project is to be battery powered then I would move to switching regulators as they are far more efficient.

Here is the PDF version

and here is the gEDA source file (this version has a hand built ATmega component so works with just a standard component library) Use it as a template for your project.

Sorry Windows users, gEDA is fully available for Linux and Mac but only experimental builds exist for Windows.


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