• Projects

    • Minimal Arduino Circuit

      I thought as a template this might be handy for somone out there.

      It's pretty much the minimum circuit you need to run up an Arduino project from a bare board, i.e. not using your Arduino board but ...

    • Arduino VU clock

      An oh so simple Arduino clock project based on VU Panel meters (the type you used to get on retro stereo systems) Uses the arduino playground time library so easy to sync to a variety of time sources such as ...

    • Stealth MP3 for Classic Car

      So I wanted a nice quality period Radio for my Saab 99Turbo. The car is 1980 and eventually I managed to snag a tidy Blaupunkt MR21 from Ebay, problem is, radio is fine but did I really want to go ...

    • Disk Mirroring

      I am quite pleased how this turned out, need more dead disks though so I can extend it.

    • MP3 Hacker

      A project to bring a 60's Hacker radio into the 21st Century

      resurrect an old carcass which will be reborn into the digital age 

      Before I started I had to find a cosmetically sound unit that was preferably beyond ...