Apr 22nd 2013


Some Performance Tweaks and Other News

Squeezed a bit more performance by moving all the log files to tmpfs. This might save the SD card the RPI is running on as well by keeping writes to a minimum.

Whilst I was at it. The weather station pages are dynamically generated every 15 minutes by wview from a sqlite database. So I figured they could exist just in memory as well. Simple enough to achieve..dropped a symlink in place of their old location pointing to one of the areas I just moved to tmpfs. Again that's another bit of the SD card saved from continuous writes.

The main reason for concern about the SD card lasting is that I have found some "proper" hosting. My home connection is on a dynamic IP so pretty far from ideal. PCextreme offer Raspberry Pi hosting in the Netherlands and the best bit is, it is free.

So I need to think about the hardware now and anything else I can do to prevent problems that cannot be fixed without physical access. Next job is setup the Broadcom SoC's hardware watchdog.

So a slot has been ordered..I eagerly await my IP address info and the Rpi box I just ordered from Farnell. My Rpi is a bare board at the moment and one of the hosting requirements is that it is cased. Then it's off to a data centre in Amsterdam.


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