• News

    • Hosting Update2

      Well after a year the SD card on the Raspberry Pi has failed, I noticed /var was unhappy when I tried to apply the recent Bash updates. Attempts at repair only made things worse and I suspect there is some ...
    • New job

      Some very exciting news.

      After nearly 10 years of service to Tristel Solutions both as a external consultant and more recently as a full time employee, I have decided it is time to move on.

      So on the 17th of ...

    • Hosting Update

      Well I have my hosting slot now for the RPi. So whilst that is in transit to Amsterdam, the site has temporarily moved to an Amazon EC2 instance.
    • Some Performance Tweaks and Other News

      Squeezed a bit more performance by moving all the log files to tmpfs. This might save the SD card the RPI is running on as well by keeping writes to a minimum.

      Whilst I was at it. The weather station ...

    • New Site

      Well we are just about up and running on the new site...Albeit a little slowly at the moment as some more optimisation is required on the Rpi

      The Contact Me form is broken at the moment and I am ...