So what's this all about then.

Well it is a website where occasionally I remember to put up little snippets of Tech goodness. Since its inception it has been hosted on Mambo/Joomla and more recently Drupal. Now for reasons I cannot possibly fathom, somebody convinced me to have a go at hosting it on Django ( a python framework ) and to just make my life a tiny bit more difficult to do it on a Raspberry Pi.

About me ?

I am an IT Professional with Broad Experience of Technology. I live in the South East of England.

Currently I am employed as an AWS Infrastructure Consultant at Smart421.

If you want to see my CV then you will have to contact me first.


Why is this website so damn slow ?

Because it is a dynamic website running on a Raspberry Pi with limited scope for effective page caching or because it is so popular I am constantly overloaded with traffic........next

Is one of the above a lie ?


Why did you host it on a Raspberry Pi ?

Several reasons...I couldn't think of anything better to do with the damned thing and I figure that it's small enough that one day I'll manage to sneak it onto someone else's dedicated line without them noticing.

Ok but did it have to be so ugly ?

No...but I am not a graphic or web designer..I'll make it prettier one day I promise !

Ych I hate Captcha did you have to ?

Yes I hate it too but I didn't want to have to force people to create an account to post but I don't want comment spam either.